“The Happy Book” written by Malachy Doyle.

PB ISBN  978-0-7475-9548-9



Orchard Books

” Hello Lulu ”

PB ISBN 978-1-40830-341-2



” Lulu’s Busy Day ”

PB ISBN  978-1-40830-340-5




” Happy Birthday Lulu ”

PB ISBN 978-1-40830-342-9




” Lulu’s Holiday ”

PB ISBN  978-1-40830-339-9




” Happy Christmas lulu ”

PB ISBN  978-1-40830-343-6




” The Worry Monster ”

PB ISBN  978184-362-5483




” A Present from Lulu ”

HB ISBN  978184-362-6152

PB ISBN  978184-362-6169



Egmont Press

” 99 mostly fun things Ill do today ” written by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters.

HB ISBN  978-140522-8060

PB ISBN  978-140522-8077


Hodder Children’s Books

“Pig on a swing ” Written by Jenny Nimmo

HB ISBN 0-340-85241-0

PB ISBN  0-340-85242-9


Scholastic Children’s Books

“Me and my brother”

PB ISBN  0-439-973775



“Mousework, A day with Daddy”

PB ISBN  978-0439-973748




Macmillan { Campbell Books }

Shake Rattle and Roll series of baby rattle books.

Baby’s Bedtime   978-0-333-96528

Baby,s Bathtime   978-0-333-96529

Baby’s Teatime    978-0-333-96530-6

Baby’s Day Out   978-0-333-96531-3

      “We love dressing up”

{ Series of jigsaw board books }

Lily loves dressing up  ISBN 9781-1-4050-4739-5

Sam loves getting dressed  ISBN 978-1-4050-4742-5

Jack loves dressing up  ISBN 978-1-4050-4740-1

Emily loves getting dressed  ISBN 978-1-4050-4741-8







  1. Are the “dressing up” jigsaw books still in publication? My kids adore them and I want to buy another set for my niece but can only find second hand ones many of which have pieces missing.

    Thanks so much

    Nadine O’Mara

    1. Hello I am sorry but they are not in publication. It might be possible to find them online. I am sorry not to be able to help you I used to have a few spare but I think I have given them all away now.

      You could try Macmillan and see if they could help and also it might give them a nudge in case there was a chance they might reprint.

      Thank you

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